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Vibrating fluid bed coolers for used sand designed by ConviTec are

applied for economic and precise cooling as well as homogenisation of

hot used sand.

The cooler mainly consists of a vibrating conveyor with permeable flow

bottom made of chrome-nickel steel (so-called Conidur floor), a stationary

hood with integrated humidifier, a closed air box with fresh air ventilator,

temperature probe and humidity sensors, as well as an intelligent PC/PCB

supported control with integrated frequency converter for optimisation of

the transport speed of the used sand through the fluid bed cooler.

The cooler is of approved and technically sophisticated quality.

The installation of such a cooler into a sand recycling plant has basically

got the following advantages:

very good homogenisation of the sand due to intensive fluidisation at

low layer height,

shortens the mixing times due to exactly adjustable humidity and

temperature of the used sand,

better sand quality and processing capability of the moulding sand,

no mechanical load of the sand resulting from mixing tools that

means hardly any friction of the sand grains,

reduces the sand flow-through quantity and/or saves used sand

hoppers, cooled used sand is immediately available,

considerably reduces the supply of new sand and binding agent due

to gentle suction,

high profitability and low operating costs due to low energy

consumption of the drive aggregates,

extremely low wear due to air cushion between distributor plate and

sand bed,

reliable, low maintenance, high availability and long service life,

start-up under full load is possible without any problems.

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